AcuSort Command Format

You can specify AcuSort instructions in one of two ways. You can include them on the AcuSort command line, as follows:

acusort parameters

where parameters are the various AcuSort utility options that control such operations as SORT and MERGE. This format is appropriate if you want to execute a simple sort with few parameters. Note that if you choose this method, you must ensure that the command line size and contents do not violate any operating system or shell limits.

If you need to execute a sort that is often repeated or one with a large number of options, you may find it easier to store and use sort instructions in a text, or take, file. In this case, the AcuSort command line format is

acusort take filename

where filename is the file that contains the options to use when AcuSort is executed.

The take file would contain all the instructions for your sort or merge process. The text file may also contain comments (indicated by an asterisk at the beginning of a line). An example of a take file appears in AcuSort Code Sample.

Specifying the -v option on the AcuSort command line as shown below causes the utility to display version and copyright information.

acusort -v