Continued Entries

The tc function allows you to include, by reference, all the functions from another terminal database file entry. The syntax is tc=entry, where entry is the name of the database file entry whose functions are to be included.

For purposes of explanation, let us say the terminal database file entry you are working on is called entryA and the one you wish to reference is called entryB. Then, as the last function in entryA, you would write tc=entryB. This will include all the functions from entryB in entryA. If there are conflicts between the functions specified by entryA and entryB, the entryA functions take precedence.

Also, any function in entryB can be turned off by naming it, followed by an @ sign, in entryA. For example, if there is an AL function in entryB and you wish to turn it off, simply say :AL@: in entryA.

For example, some VT-100s come with an Advanced Editing option that includes, among other things, an add-line and delete-line function. The complete entry for this might be:

vt100a|DEC VT-100 w/Advanced Editing:\