Introduction to AcuSQL

Welcome to the AcuSQL® pre-compiler and runtime library. This add-on tool to the ACUCOBOL-GT® development system is a simple, cost-effective solution for those who want or need to use embedded SQL (ESQL) statements in COBOL programs to access SQL-conversant data sources.

AcuSQL is part of the extend® family of technologies and is designed to give COBOL applications access to IBM® DB2®, Microsoft® SQL Server, and ISO/ANSI SQL92 compliant data sources. AcuSQL also supports the open source database, MySQL®.

References to Windows in this manual denote any of the supported Windows platforms, which are listed in the Product Availability section on the Micro Focus SupportLine Web site: Where it is necessary to make a distinction, the specific version name/number is specified. AcuSQL is available for most UNIX® operating system platforms, including 64-bit environments.

The AcuSQL pre-compiler is a powerful programming tool that allows you to embed SQL statements in your COBOL application. ESQL enables you to access the power and flexibility of Structured Query Language (SQL) from within your COBOL application. With AcuSQL, you can execute complex data selection and processing operations using the database engine to perform most of the work, greatly simplifying the COBOL code needed to perform the operation. AcuSQL supports both static and dynamic SQL.

AcuSQL support of native dialects of SQL (DB2, MySQL, SQL Server), ISO/ANSI SQL92, and a relaxed version of SQL enables you to write applications custom-tailored to a wide variety of individual databases or a more generic version able to run across multiple databases and data sources.

AcuSQL support for ESQL is provided by a special pre-compiler and runtime library.