ECN-AS166 new format for AcuAccess file

Incidents: 3162121

RPI Number: 1114553

Product: AcuServer, AcuConnect

Module: srvmgmt.dll /

Machines Affected: All

Known Versions Affected: All


The AcuAccess file, which is used by AcuServer, AcuRCL, Boomerang, and AcuToWeb, has been updated to increase many of the field sizes.

The Client Machine name has increased to a maximum of 128 characters, and the User Name and Local User Name have been increased to 64 characters. The Password field remains at 64 characters.

The first time you access this file with this version of the product, a newly converted version of AcuAccess is automatically created.

Warning: This change means that you cannot use versions prior to 10.3.0 of the above products with the new AcuAccess file. If you still need to use older versions, you should take a copy of your existing AcuAccess file beforeyou select it when starting AcuServe, AcuRCL, Boomerang, or AcuToWeb in this version.