AcuToWeb Desktop

Note: AcuToWeb Desktop is currently only supported on Windows platforms.
The AcuToWeb Desktop is a client-side component that is responsible for processing certain resources within the application that cannot be processed via the browser.

The AcuToWeb Desktop must be running on a client machine containing applications that either want to capture client user-name/passwords for validation in the AcuConnect Access file, or applications that access certain client-side resources (see Supported AcuToWeb Desktop Functions); if you do not want to capture client user-name/passwords, or if the application does not use client-side resources, then your application can run without the AcuToWeb Desktop being present.

The AcuToWeb Desktop is installed by default when you select the AcuToWeb option during installation. After installation, you must launch it before you start a new AcuToWeb session when intending to run applications that requires it: to launch, select Start > Programs > extend x.x.x. > AcuToWeb > AcuToWeb Desktop; when running successfully, is displayed in the system tray.
Tip: Add the AcuToWeb Desktop.exe file to your Windows Startup folder to ensure that you are ready to run all AcuToWeb applications when you log on to Windows. Alternatively, when the AcuToWeb Desktop is running, enable the Autorun option on the Tools menu to start the Desktop automatically next time Windows is started.

Once the AcuToWeb Desktop is running, another AcuToWeb Desktop will execute each time you start a new AcuToWeb session in the browser. At that point, a Web socket communications channel is created between the Gateway/browser and the Desktop, and then all the operations that cannot be handled by the browser are forwarded to the Desktop component for processing. For example, using the C$COPY routine to copy a file between the server and client requires the AcuToWeb Desktop, and without a link to the Desktop, the statement (and application) will fail.

Tip: If you are experiencing connection problems (that is, a communications channel cannot be created before your application starts), use the TIMEOUT_ATW_CONN option in your gateway configuration file; this will insert a time delay that will allow a connection to be made before your application starts.

Each AcuToWeb Desktop session captures information about that session. From each AcuToWeb Desktop, you can save the session information to a file.