General Environment Options

The options in the General category allow you to control:

Use the following procedures to set General Environment options, as needed:

  1. Select the General category of the Environment options.
  2. Automatic save option: To disable the default automatic save setting, clear the Automatic save check box. You can change the default time setting by entering a new value (from 1 to 120) in the text box. The automatic save function applies to source files (.cbl), workspace files (.pjt), program structure files (.psf), and data layout files (.dlt). The automatic save function updates disk files and saves information to the registry, allowing AcuBench to restore your project to a consistent state after an unexpected program interruption.
  3. Recently used lists: To change the size of the Recently used file list or the Recently used workspace list, enter an integer value between 1 and 8 in the corresponding entry field.
  4. On start-up options: In the On start-up section, select a radio button to specify what the workbench displays or loads when it is first started.
  5. On add project option: Normally, if you add an existing project to a new workspace (using the Open Project command), AcuBench does not move or copy the project’s files from their existing location. To change this behavior, and have AcuBench make a copy of the existing project’s files within the new workspace’s directory structure, select the Copy project files to new project directories check box.
  6. On open workspace option: This option determines how AcuBench behaves when a workspace is opened. Enable the check box to direct the workbench to reopen the documents that were open the last time the workspace was open.
  7. Force variable check on load option: If this option is selected, when AcuBench loads a program into memory, it automatically verifies that all variables associated with screen or report controls exist, whether in an AcuBench-generated COPY file or FD, or in an external COPY file. If a variable does not exist, AcuBench creates it in Working-Storage. To bypass the variable check, de-select this option.
  8. Default source format: Specify the default source format type by selecting a radio button in the Default source format group.
  9. Extended ASCII characters: Enable Translate to ANSI/OEM to cause the workbench to translate extended ASCII characters that originate in the OEM environment to Windows ANSI extended characters. Characters are retranslated back to OEM when the document is saved.