This configuration variable is used in conjunction with ACUCONNECT_DEBUG_METHOD to control remote program debugging. This variable is undefined by default.

Setting     Result
XTERM The name of the X server to which the xterm is displayed. If the latter variable is not set, the xterm appears on the X server defined by the A_DISPLAY or DISPLAY environment variable.
TERMINAL ACUCONNECT_DEBUG_METHOD_STRING must be set to the name of a TTY that is running a runtime started in a special mode (runcbl --wait). The runtime uses the specified terminal to interact with the user for debugging the remote COBOL program.
THIN or THINCLIENT <client:port>, where client is the name of a Windows machine, and port is the port to which the runtime attempts to connect in order to control a thin client. In this mode, the client runtime attempts to start an instance of the thin client with the correct parameters. For example, if ACUCONNECT_DEBUG_METHOD_STRING is set to "rzack-xp:4444", the client runtime starts acuthin --wait --port 4444.

Note that if the client machine is not "rzack-xp," you may have a thin client instance that is not being used.