-Q <printername>

If you want the Windows spooler to format the pages of your report, but you want to use a particular printer, assign your print file to:

PRINTER1 -Q \\printername

in the configuration file (CBLCONFI). Printername is the printer designation as given in the Devices and Printers screen. The name may be up to 80 characters long and contain embedded spaces. The name may not include the semicolon character (;) or be surrounded by single or double quotes. The pages are printed in the manner described in "-P SPOOLER", above. The sample programs graphprn.cbl and prndemox.cbl contain examples of these functions.

To determine a valid printer name, use the WIN$PRINTER library routine to obtain the name of the desired printer. (This is described in Appendix I under the WINPRINT-SET-PRINTER operation code in "Specifying a Printer".) Then add the following line to your code:

MOVE "-Q \\printername" TO WS-PRINTER-NAME.

When the runtime opens a file assigned to "-Q <printername>", it sets the Windows print spooler to use this printer. The printer driver must be installed on the computer from which you print. If printername is not recognized by the runtime, a dialog box allows you to choose a printer manually.


If you want to access a printer using a UNC path, you have to print directly to the printer by defining PRINTER as "-D PRN". If you use the UNC path, Windows formatting is not supported.