Building a Shared Library for HP-UX 11.0

Because we do not offer a shared library distribution of ACUCOBOL-GT on HP-UX 11.0 or before, customers who want to use the Java API feature need to create the shared library manually. To do so, follow these instructions:

  1. Add the following five lines to the end of $ACUCOBOL/lib/Makefile. Note that the whitespace before the fourth and fifth lines must be tabs, not spaces.
    SHAREDLIB_LDFLAGS = -s +b $(ACUVERSPATH)/lib:$(ACUPATH)/lib:.:../stdlib:/usr/lib:/lib amain.o $(SUBS)
            ld -b $(SHAREDLIB_LDFLAGS) -o amain.o $(SUBS) \
                  $(RUNTIME_LIB) $(LIBS) $(SYS_LIBS)
  2. Run make from the $ACUCOBOL/lib directory.

    This creates a file named that can be loaded by the CVM class when calling COBOL from Java. You can also add to the 'clean' target so that make clean will remove