Internal Tables Options

The ACUCOBOL-GT compiler makes use of several internal tables for storing information about the COBOL program it is compiling. Most of these tables are dynamically resized as needed during compilation. A few of them are allocated a fixed amount of space. The amount of space allocated to the fixed size tables is enough for the vast majority of programs, but occasionally a program will require more space than is allocated by default. When this occurs, the compilation fails and a *** %s overflow *** error message is output. (See Appendix D, ACUCOBOL-GT Appendices manual for a more detailed explanation of the error.) In such cases, the user can increase the amount of space allocated to that table by including the appropriate -T compilation switch on the compiler command line.

The switches are:

-Td ####        Identifier and statement table — sets the maximum number of items in each statement. The default value is 4096.
-Te ### Subscript statement table — sets the maximum size for OCCURS statements. The default value is 256.
Note: The compiler error message always suggests that you double the size of the default value. However, doubling the size is not always the best approach. Ideally, the size of the table should not be substantially larger than what is needed to compile the program.