Configuration Variables

In addition to ACU_DUMP, there are three other configuration variables that affect creation of an ADR.

ACU_DUMP_FILE This configuration variable determines the name of the report file. It allows two special parameters:
  • If the file name starts with a plus sign (+), the report is appended to the specified file. By default, a new report overwrites the specified file. Note that the + character does not actually appear in the file name.
  • If the name contains the string %p, when the report is generated, that string is replaced with the process ID (PID) of the runtime from which the report originates.

The default value for ACU_DUMP_FILE is acudump.#, where # is an integer, starting at one and incrementing by one each time a new ADR is created in the current directory (acudump.1, acudump.2, and so on). Note that the first available filename is used, so if a directory contains files called acudump.1 and acudump.5, the next ADR file created in that directory is automatically called acudump.2.

Because the runtime performs a linear search to determine the next available filename to use, if a directory contains a large number of ADR files, the search can take some time. For this reason, it is a good idea to remove unneeded ADR files regularly.


Determines the width of the report (in characters). Note that because the report uses dynamically computed columns for its hexadecimal data, making the report very wide can reduce readability by introducing excessive white space.

Permissible values: a numeric ranging from 79 to 2048 - Default value: 80.


Limits how many elements of each table item to list. Note that if you increase this value substantially, and if you have tables that allow for large numbers of elements, you may get very large reports.

In the following example, ACU_DUMP_TABLE_LIMIT is set to 5:

01 MY-TABLE-R                     = (group)
05 TABLE-ENTRY(1)                 =     1          h20202020 31
05 TABLE-ENTRY(2)                 =     2          h20202020 32
05 TABLE-ENTRY(3)                 =     3          h20202020 33
05 TABLE-ENTRY(4)                 =     4          h20202020 34
05 TABLE-ENTRY(5)                 =     5          h20202020 35
Remaining table items suppressed due to ACU-DUMP-TABLE-LIMIT setting

Default value: 1000