Configuration Filename Resolution

The runtime system uses the following rules to decide what the configuration file is called:

  1. If the -c runtime option is used, the configuration file is the one named by that option
  2. If the operating system environment variable A_CONFIG is defined, its value is the name of the configuration file
  3. The configuration file is named according to the host operating system. This depends on the operating system used by the machine, as outlined in the following table
System Configuration File
Windows \etc\cblconfi
UNIX/Linux     /etc/cblconfig
Don't give a data file a name that is the same as a configuration variable name. Doing so can cause problems if you map the data filename through a configuration entry. For example, if you have a data file named CURRENCY, the runtime system may confuse the data file with the configuration variable of the same name, inadvertently changing the default currency character.