Import an Existing Theme

You can import a stylesheet containing a theme previously created using the Themes Generator, and then edit and export it again.
  1. When the Gateway service is up and running, navigate to the AcuToWeb start page using the syntax: http://[server ip]:[configured port] The default value is

    The Connection Setup dialog box is displayed.

  2. To the right of the Themes field, click (Open Themes Generator).

    The AcuToWeb Themes Generator is displayed.

  3. Click (Import Theme).

    The Import existing theme screen is displayed.

  4. Drag the .css file to the box indicated, or click the box and use the Open dialog box to select a file, then click OK.

    The AcuToWeb Themes Generator is displayed.

  5. In the left-hand pane, select a control type.

    A number of pre-defined styles are displayed in the right-hand pane.

  6. Click Select beneath the style you require.
  7. In the style pane, click the color indicator to the right of an element, then use the palette and transparency slider to set the element's color and click choose.
    Tip: You can also enter a Hex value (for example; #0095d3) to ensure precise color selection across all controls/styles when run through AcuToWeb. (However, these Hex values may not reproduce the exact same colors when used outside of AcuToWeb (such as through AcuThin or in AcuBench), as the ACUCOBOL-GT color processing differs from this web-based color palette.)
  8. Repeat the previous steps until all required control types are styled.

    You do not need to select a style for every type. Control types that do have a current selection are denoted by a bullet next to the control name in the left-hand pane.

  9. To export the stylesheet, click (Export Theme).

    The stylesheet is saved as theme.css to your Downloads directory.

    Note: You can only export a stylesheet once you have selected at least one style for a control type.