Compiling and Running the Application

  1. Copy the following files from the rmnet sub-directory located in your samples directory, to the directory that you created in an early step:
    • ca-bundle.crt
    • TempConvert.acu

    You must first compile the source program.

  2. From an ACUCOBOL-GT command prompt, navigate to the target directory and compile the source file:


    ccbl -Cr -Sr -Ze TempConvert.cbl


    ccbl -Cr -Sr -Ze TempConvert.cbl
    Note: RMNet was originally developed for RM/COBOL; hence the requirement to compile with RM/COBOL compatibility enabled.
  3. Once compiled successfully, run the executable:


    wrun -y xmlif.dll -y rmnet.dll TempConvert.acu


    runcbl -y -y TempConvert.acu
    Note: For 64-bit UNIX platforms, use and

    The application appears.

  4. Enter a 3-digit value at the Fahrenheit: prompt, then press Enter.

    The COBOL program initiates a request, which then transformed using the .xslt file before being sent to the web service. The response (a converted Celsius value) is received, transformed, and displayed to the screen.

    Note: During this process, two .xml files are created: TempFahrenheitRequest.xml and TempFahrenheitResponse.xml. These files are simply to show you the structure of the XML that is being passed to and from the web service.
  5. Press Enter.
  6. To quit the application, enter 3 spaces at the Fahrenheit: prompt, then press Enter. The application closes.