Limitations and Known Issues

AcuToWeb has certain limitations as to what your applications can contain, or on which platforms they can be deployed.

AcuToWeb has the following limitations or known issues:

  • AcuToWeb does not support AcuConnect encryption or compression. If one or both of those features are in use they must be deactivated. If you need this functionality, use the AcuToWeb Gateway, which provides gzip (native http/WebSocket compression, native http/websocket compression, turned on by default) and SSL (https/wss).

    See Editing a Gateway Service for details on how to configure SSL connections. SSL is usually needed for connections over a public network, and in such circumstances, it is recommended to have the AcuToWeb Gateway behind a full-flagged web server such as Apache or IIS; see Working with IIS or Apache.

  • Character screen applications that use double-byte characters may experience some layout differences when running through AcuToWeb as opposed to the standard runtime. You can mitigate against these differences by using DBCS_fixed_table.css when running the application; see Preparing Your Application.
  • If you are running the AcuToWeb Gateway from the command line (see Starting and Stopping a Gateway Service), and receive a 'side-by-side' error, you need to install the MS Visual c++ 2008 Redistributable package. (note: it must be the base package, and not a subsequent service pack.)
  • When using the Browser control, you cannot load any web pages that have not been coded to run within a frame. Also, due to an in-built security feature in the iFrame element, you are unable to retrieve any of its information (such as the title) if the source has a different document domain to the one that AcuToWeb is running in.
  • If your application uses a non-default font, and you have inconsistencies between the font sizing in the AcuToWeb application and the application when run through AcuThin, then you must use the AcuToWeb Desktop with your AcuToWeb application, to allow the font rendering to be handled within extend.

    Alternatively, if you want to use a fixed font without using the AcuToWeb Desktop, setting DEFAULT_FONT uses one of the following typefaces and font sizes:

    Value Typeface, font size
    TRADITIONAL_FONT Fixed sys, 12
    FIXED_FONT Fixed sys, 12
    LARGE_FONT MS Sans Serif, 10
    MEDIUM_FONT MS Sans Serif, 9
    SMALL_FONT MS Sans Serif, 8
  • .NET assemblies in AcuToWeb must adhere to these rules:
    • The AcuToWeb Desktop must be running alongside your COBOL program that uses the .NET assembly.
    • The .NET assembly must not contain or use a graphical interface: it must be a function or set of functions that executes without a display.
    • The CREATE statement should use the FILE-PATH property to locate the .dll file on which it is acting - if you do not use FILE-PATH, then AcuToWeb looks in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Micro Focus\extend x.x.x\AcuToWeb\AcuToWeb Desktop directory.
    • The .dll should use the XML file format as shown in Special Properties - FILE-PATH (alphanumeric).
  • HP 11.31 PA-RISC servers require that gcc-4.3.1 or later is installed.