Environment Variables

Depending on your configuration, AcuXDBC may require one or more of the following environment variables to be set.


By default, AcuXDBC provides compliance for ODBC 2.5. The TOD_SQC_V3_COLS variable is required to be set at the system level ( using the System Properties Environment Variables dialog box in Windows) to enable support for ODBC v3.0 and v3.5 functionality within AcuXDBC.

Note: Setting this variable within the ACUCOBOL-GT configuration file or in your local environment will have no effect.

You can set this variable to any value; it only has to exist in order to support ODBC v3.0 functionality. When set, it causes AcuXDBC to return ODBC 3.0-compliant columns whenever requested. If the variable is not set, AcuXDBC returns columns compatible with ODBC 2.5.