4.4 Connect to an Asynchronous Host via SSL/TLS

Use the following procedure to configure SSL or TLS connections using the upgraded security protocols.

NOTE:To secure your connections with SSL or TLS, your system must include an SSL/TLS host (server or servers).

To configure the session

  1. For the connection type, specify Telnet.

  2. On the General tab, specify the host name and port.

  3. On the Security tab, for Type of Security, choose the appropriate SSL or TLS option.

  4. To ensure that the server certificate is valid, select Verify server identity. Extra! will check that the server certificate was signed by a trusted certificate authority and the host name in the certificate matches the host to which you are trying to connect.

    If the SSL/TLS server requires client authentication, Extra! will automatically retrieve the certificate used for proving client identity, provided it is installed in the user's Personal certificate store in Windows.

  5. Specify the remaining options to complete the configuration.

  6. To change the security settings, in an open session, choose Options > Settings, and on the left, click Connection.