The Add/Edit Connection Dialog Box

Use this dialog box to define a connection for an Attachmate SNA Gateway via TCP/IP or to edit an existing connection definition. To define a connection you need to select a gateway, server, and resource.



Gateway Name

Specifies the gateway to use. Type in the name or IP address of an SNA gateway.

Group Name

Displays the group or groups to which the specified gateway belongs. To help balance the load on related gateways, Extra! connects to the least-loaded gateway from the selected group. To connect only to the specified gateway and not another gateway in the same group, select the asterisk (*).

Resource Name

Displays the resources connected to the selected gateway or group. Selecting the asterisk (*) is equivalent to selecting "Clients" from the list.


Displays various details about the selected gateway.

To configure an Attachmate SNA Gateway connection via TCP/IP

  1. Start a new session, and select Attachmate SNA Gateway via TCP/IP as your connection type.

  2. From the General page, click the Add button.

    The Add/Edit Connection dialog box appears.

  3. In the Gateway Name field, type the name or IP address of the Attachmate SNA Gateway to which you want to attach, or select a gateway from the list.

  4. From the Group Name list, select the name of a group to which the gateway belongs. If you select the asterisk (*), Extra! will connect only to the gateway specified in the Gateway Name field; it will not attempt to connect to any of other gateways grouped with the specified gateway.

  5. Select a resource from the Resource list.

  6. When you are satisfied with your selections, click the OK button to save the configuration.

    The connection configuration will now appear in the connection list on the Attachmate SNA via TCP/IP Gateway General page.