2.1.3 Connect using End-to-End Security and Express Logon for 3270 Sessions

Use this procedure to configure a 3270 session with end-to-end security in Management and Security Server. This configuration combines user authorization with security from Extra! to the destination host.

You can optionally configure these connections to use the IBM Express Logon (also referred to as ELF), when using an 3270 connection to an IBM Mainframe.

To configure a session with end-to-end encryption

  1. In a web browser, start Management and Security Server by setting the URL to:

    http://server:port /mss/AdminStart.html

    where server and port are replaced with the Management and Security Server address.

  2. Click Administrative WebStation and log on as administrator.

  3. From the left pane, click Session Manager.

  4. Add a new session or select an existing session, and click Launch.

  5. Follow the wizard's prompts to configure the session. Make sure to leave the default option Reflection Security Proxy selected as the type of connection.

  6. On the Reflection Security tab, from the Proxy server address menu, specify a Reflection Security Proxy Server.

    A description of the selected Reflection Security Proxy Server appears below the fields.

  7. Enter a Destination host and Destination port (the Destination port should be the SSL/TLS port on the host, for example, buttercup.flowers.com:3000), and then select the End-to-end security check box.

  8. Click Next and continue through the wizard to complete the configuration.

    When you click Finish, the session opens in Extra!.

  9. Exit Extra! and save the session.

    To create another session, repeat this procedure. You can only create (or have open) one session at a time when running Extra! in Administrative WebStation mode.

    Next, make the session available to specific users.