The Direct Connect Settings - Connection General Page

Use the options in the Direct Connect General page to set the parameters for serial communication. The information you select is saved when you save your session, and used whenever you use the same session profile.

To use serial communication, you need to know which of your PC COM ports to use, your communication speed (bit rate), and the best Flow Control method to use. Although there are default values provided for all serial connection options, you must configure your serial port to the settings appropriate for your environment.




Select the COM port to use from the list of available ports.

Setup Port

Choose this button to set your serial port parameters.

To make a direct (serial) connection

  1. Start a new session, and select Direct Connect as your Connection type.

  2. In the Direct Connect General page, select your port, then choose Setup to access the Port Settings dialog box and specify serial port parameters that suit your environment.

  3. To set other serial port options, choose the Direct Connect Advanced tab.

  4. From the Session menu, choose Connect.