Receiving a file using DISOSS

Before you can send a file using DISOSS, you need to open a mainframe session and log on to your PS/CICS system.

  1. From the PS/CICS main menu, choose option 5, Work with File Cabinet Items.

  2. In the Select items by field, select 1 or 2 to get a list of files listed by Date filed or Date due.

  3. Select the file you want to export by typing an x in the CMD field, then press ENTER.

  4. Choose option 22 to bring up the Export menu.

  5. Move to Copy to Workstation. In the File Identifier field, type the path and name you want the file to be given on your PC. You can also specify whether to replace an existing PC file. Press ENTER to start the transfer operation.

  6. Return to your PC session. The transfer begins when you are in your PC session and continues only while you remain in the PC session. The File Transfer Progress dialog box displays the status of the transfer.

  7. When the transfer is completed, your CICS session displays the message shown below.

    File Transfer Completed.