Creating a file transfer configuration

  1. In the AS/400 File Transfer window, from the File menu, choose New.

    If a configuration file is already opened and has not been saved, Extra! will prompt you to do so before creating a new configuration file.

  2. Choose the name of your AS/400 system from the Host Name list.

  3. Choose the name of the AS/400 file or member from the Host Lib/File (member) list.

  4. Enter the name of the PC file in the PC Filename field. To locate the PC file, choose the Browse button to open the Select PC File dialog box.

    NOTE:If you are receiving, enter a PC filename only if you want the file to replace or be appended to an existing PC file.

  5. Set the appropriate parameters on the General and Advanced Settings pages, then choose OK.

  6. From the File menu, choose Save As, then enter a name for the new configuration.