6.1.1 The Transfer File Dialog Box

Open a session and choose Transfer File from the Tools menu to display the Transfer File dialog box. Use the options in this box to create a list of files and transfer them as a batch to or from one of the available host environments.

You can edit the transfer options for individual files and you can save a list of files to display and transfer again.

Before transferring files, it may be helpful to set up a file transfer scheme (define settings) which specifies the way a particular file will be transferred.



Transfer List Name

Select a name from the list to display a previously saved list of files. Your most recently used transfer list is available, even if you did not specifically save it.

Save As

Saves the displayed transfer list under a different name so that you can reuse it at a later time.


Removes the transfer list displayed in the Transfer List Name box.

Transfer List

Displays a list of files that can be selected for transfer. Click the check box to the left of a file to select which transfers to actually perform. Click a label at the top of the list to sort the list by that attribute.


Specifies the PC files to transfer.


Type a file name to add to the transfer list.


Displays the current path to the file on your PC.


Choose to search for a specific PC file.


Sends the specified file to the host when a file transfer is started.


Receives the specified file from the host when a file transfer is started.


Specifies the host files to transfer.


Type a file name to add to the transfer list.


Choose to display and browse files in host directories. You can add these files to your transfer list.


Initiates the file transfer.


Cancels the file transfer.


Select the host system type you are sending a file to or receiving a file from. You can choose: CMS, TSO, or CICS. If you do not know your mainframe host type, check with your system administrator.

CMS(Conversational Monitor System) is an interactive mainframe application that resides under the VM operating system. This system works with IBM CMS IND$FILE program to transfer files.

CICS (Customer Information Control System) is a general-purpose transaction processing subsystem for the z/OS operating system. Under the CICS operating system, Extra! supports file transfers using IBM DISOSS (Distributed Office Support System) MVS/CICS can also use IBM IND$FILE program for file transfer.

TSO (Time Sharing Option) is an interactive mainframe application that resides under the MVS operating system. This system works with IBM TSO IND$FILE program to transfer files.


Removes the selected file from the transfer list.

Remove All

Removes all files displayed in the transfer list.

Add To List

Adds your selection to the transfer list or applies changes you made to an item in the transfer list.


Displays the Settings pages for your file transfer method where transfer options for the file selected in the transfer list can be edited.


Specifies the scheme that will be used for the transfer. If you do not select a scheme, "Current settings" displays.

Splitter bar

Adjusts the sizes of the two window areas when the Browser is displayed. This does not change the window size.

List Files Of Type

Filters the displayed list of files by type.

Folder List

Displays a list of folders.

File List

Displays a list of subfolders and files contained in the folder selected in the left browse pane (the Folder List).

To transfer a file or batch of files

  1. From the Tools menu, choose Transfer File.

  2. To add files to your transfer list, use the Local and Host Filename options to choose the files you want to transfer, then choose Add To List.


    Choose the Browse button. From the list that appears, double-click the file you want to add.


    From File Explorer, find the file you want to transfer and drag it onto the transfer list.


    Select an existing transfer list from the Transfer List Name list.

  3. Choose Transfer. When the transfer completes, a summary window displays the results of the transfer.

    NOTE:You can also copy and paste files to the transfer list.

To edit the transfer list

Make changes as follows:


Do this

Change the transfer direction for a particular file

Select the file, then select either Send or Receive and choose Apply.

Remove an individual file from the transfer list

Select the file and choose Remove, or press the Delete key on your keyboard.

Exclude a particular file from the current transfer batch without removing it from the transfer list

Clear the check mark next to the file name in the transfer list.

Save your transfer list

Choose Save As.