3.5.12 5250 Printer Settings

With Extra! you can configure your Host print job settings as you would a PC print job, setting parameters such as margins, fonts, and orientation. In addition, advanced host printing parameters may be set, including substitution of the default host escape character, and use of hex passthrough data stream processing.

To set up 5250 printer settings

  1. From the printer session Options menu, choose Settings.


    Choose the Settings button button on the toolbar.

    The Settings dialog box appears.

  2. Select the category Printer if it is not already selected. The Settings - 5250 Printer dialog box appears.

  3. Choose a tab for the printer setting options that you want to change and configure your settings.

  4. Choose the OK button to save your changes and close the printer settings dialog box.


    Choose the Apply button if you wish to save your changes and continue to configure other settings.