3.8.8 Information Privacy Settings

In the Information Privacy Settings dialog box, you can set filters to prevent certain types of sensitive data from being captured.For example, if you want to obscure phone numbers you can set a privacy filter to obscure numbers. Your filter would look like this: ##-###-####.

Table 3-104




Filter characters to obscure specific data.

Filter Text Box

Type filter characters to obscure specific data, then choose the Add button.

Filter List

Displays filter characters after they are configured.

Filter Characters

Characters used to mask sensitive data.

Add button

Click to add the filter characters to mask specific data.

Edit button

Click to edit the selected filter characters.

Delete button

Choose to remove the selected filter characters.

To configure privacy filters to mask sensitive data

  1. From the Edit or Options menu, choose Settings.

    The Settings dialog box displays.

  2. From the Categories list, click the Productivity icon to open the Settings - Productivity dialog box.

  3. From the General page, choose the Information Privacy Settings button.

    The Information Privacy Settings dialog box is displayed.

  4. In the Filter field, type one or more characters, as follows, to prevent certain types of sensitive data from being captured by the productivity tools.

    Table 3-105


    To mask


    Any number


    Any alphabetical character


    Any character



    All other characters are taken literally.

  5. Choose the Add button.

    Repeat the steps to configure additional privacy filters.

  6. Choose the Apply and OK buttons.