TN3270 General Page

Use this page to define your TN3270 connection. You will need to know the host alias name or IP address and the port number to properly set up your connection.

Table 3-1 3270 General Page Options



Host Alias/IP Address/Terminal/Device Type

Host Alias/IP Address, displays either the alias name or numeric IP address of the remote host.

Terminal/Device Type displays a terminal/device type string to be negotiated with the TN3270 server.

Up/Down Arrow

Moves the selection up or down on the list to assist in reprioritizing.


Displays the Configure Connection dialog box where you can define TN3270 connections (enter the host alias or IP address, set the terminal type and port number) to add to the list of connections.


Displays the Configure Connection dialog box where you can edit the connection information for the selected host.


Deletes the selected host from the list.


Copies the selected connection information to a local buffer.


Pastes the selected connection information from the local buffer into the currently selected host.

Enable Infinite List Retries

Specifies that Extra! will go through the list of configured connections continuously until a successful connection is made.

Number of Retries

Displays the number of additional times the session will try to connect if the first attempt fails. The default is 0.

Delay Between Hosts (secs)

Displays the number of seconds the session waits before connecting to the next host. The default is 3.

Connection Timeout (secs)

Indicates the number of seconds the session waits for a successful connection before stopping. The default is 10 seconds. The maximum value you can enter here is 360 seconds; 0 implies no timeout.