Advanced Page (5250 Connections)

Use this dialog box to change the terminal or device type emulated, type a Host name, change sign-on options, and to use Extra! Text Assist for word processing on the Host.

NOTE:Auto sign-on options only appear if you are configuring or changing connection options for a display session.

Table 3-18

Device Options

Specifies device-specific options for this connection type.

Terminal/Device Type

Displays the terminal/device type string that is negotiated with the host server.

Use ID Management

Allows the use of ID Management to provide IDs to clients.

Configure ID Management

Allows configuration of the ID Management server and user names, the ID access method, and the address pool name if the access method is Named Pool name.

Host Device Name

Specifies the valid device name for the host server. If left blank, the host will automatically assign a device name. (Contact your system administrator for the correct host name.)

Allow Device In Use Failures (TN5250 Only)

Disables device name collision processing so thatusers will fail to connect with a device if the device referred to by that name is already in use.

NOTE:Choosing this option does not allow Extra! to automatically append a number to the current device name to create a different device name to send to the AS/400 system.

Table 3-19

Sign On Options

Specifies options for signing on to the host.

Prompt for User ID and Password

For APPC connections, prompts you to type a User ID and password each time you make a connection to a host.

Specify User ID and Password

For APPC connections, lets you bypass typing a User ID and password each time you make a connection to a host. (You must specify the User ID and Password in text boxes provided.)

User ID

Sends the specified User ID to the host, when the host requests input for user ID.


Sends the specified Password to the host, when the host requests input for password.

Auto Sign On

Lets you bypass the sign-on screen after a connection is established.

NOTE:If your connection does not require a User ID and Password to connect, you can still use the Auto Sign On feature. Select Auto Sign On, and then type your User ID and Password in the provided text boxes.

Enable Word Processing (Text Assist)

Lets you use Extra! Text Assist emulation for performing word processing tasks. This is an enhanced version of the IBM Text Assist application.