TN5250 Connection Backup Page (AS/400)

Use this dialog box to set the host name and alias of a back-up server. Extra! will connect to this host if it cannot find the primary host.

NOTE:If you access this dialog box using the Settings command from the Options menu, you must restart the session before changes take effect.

Table 3-17 5250 Connection Backup Page Options



Host Options

Set the Host Options for a backup server.

Host Name

Sets the host link for a backup network connection. Type the host name or select one from the list.

Host Alias / IP Address

Sets either the numeric IP address or the alias name of the remote host. This option is case-sensitive. If the Host Name has been entered, the system detects the IP address from the network and displays automatically.

Enable Keep Alive

Select to provide a constant check between your session and the host so that you become aware of connection problems as they occur.