3.2.4 Changing 3270 Colors

You can change the colors in a display or graphics session, including the foreground and background of the text colors sent from the mainframe. The foreground consists of the text within an area, while the background is the area surrounding that text. Think of these areas as the basic colors of your screen. You can also change the color of your cursor, rule lines, field attributes, and the status line.

You can change colors of the more advanced areas of your screen too, including host attributes, such as protected and unprotected fields.

After changing the colors on your screen, you can save those changes to a scheme, which can then be assigned to another session or a specific host screen. Extra! also comes with its own color schemes from which you can choose. Changing colors might make certain areas of the display session easier to read, or perhaps make it easier to differentiate session and host screens that are used for different purposes.

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