1.5.2 Installing Extra! with Setup.exe

The Setup program ( setup.exe) is the recommended tool for installing and deploying Extra!

Setup.exe has a command-line interface that you can run from a command line, a batch file, or a deployment tool. You can type command-line options to set installation parameters and limit user interaction as Extra! is installing, or use command-line options to prepare Extra! for installation by users.

To see a list of available command-line parameters, type:

setup.exe /?

To install Extra! on a workstation

  1. From the root directory the eDelivery image, double-click setup.exe.

  2. Select a language.

  3. Respond to the subsequent prompts.

The following procedures show command-line options commonly used for deployment, including switches for silent installations.

To deploy Extra! “out-of-the-box”

Use this command to deploy Extra! with default settings.

  • At a command prompt on a test workstation, enter:

    path_to_administrative_installation_point \setup.exe /install

To perform a silent installation

  • At a command prompt, change to the directory in which the setup.exe file resides and do one of the following:

    To perform


    A silent install that displays a progress bar and disables the Cancel button

    setup.exe /install /passive

    A silent install with no display

    setup.exe /install /quiet

To deploy Extra! and a transform

  • At a command prompt, enter:

    path_to_administrative_installation_point \setup.exe /install TRANSFORMS= myCustomInstall .mst

    NOTE:You can also use Setup to deploy a transform automatically. See the Help available in the Setup tool.