HotSpots Assignments Page

Use this dialog box to add, edit, or delete HotSpots. You can view the current HotSpot assignments, save the existing settings as a scheme, and delete HotSpot schemes.

Table 3-112 HotSpot Assignments Page Settings




Select the scheme that you want to apply, edit, or delete.

The HotSpots associated with the selected scheme appear in the Defined HotSpot box.

Save As

Saves the current list of HotSpots as a scheme. Use to copy defined HotSpots as a new scheme.


Deletes the selected scheme. All HotSpots associated with that scheme are deleted.

Defined HotSpots

Lists the HotSpots that have been defined for the current session or the selected scheme. To edit or delete a HotSpot, select the desired HotSpot in this list and choose Edit or Delete.

Add Button

Add a HotSpot to the session or selected scheme.

Edit Button

Edit the HotSpot selected in the Defined HotSpot list.

Delete Button

Delete the HotSpot selected in the Defined HotSpot list.

To Delete a HotSpot

  1. From the Options menu, choose Settings.

  2. From the Categories list, select HotSpots.

  3. Select the Assignments tab.

  4. In the Defined HotSpots box, select the HotSpot you want to delete.

  5. Choose the Delete button below the Defined HotSpots box.