Keyboard Map Settings Dialog Box

You can specify the keyboard map to load for a session using the Keyboard Maps option from the Settings Dialog box. You can also create a new keyboard map or edit an existing one.

NOTE:Your access to the functionality of the Keyboard Map Editor may be limited by the options defined by your system administrator.



Select a Keyboard Map

Lists the available keyboard maps to load or edit.


Opens the selected keyboard map in the Keyboard Map Editor where you can add or edit the commands, functions, and macros assigned to the current keyboard map.


Opens a new keyboard map template in the Keyboard Map Editor for you to create a new keyboard map.


Deletes the selected keyboard map from the list of available keyboard maps.

Type Ahead Enable

Allows you to continue typing into the keystroke buffer while the host is busy. When the host is ready, the keystrokes are sent to the host.

Timeout Value

Indicates the amount of time (milliseconds) the product will wait before it sends the keystrokes to the host. The maximum value you can enter is 5000 milliseconds. The default value is 0.

PrintScreen Key Enable

Enables the PRINTSCREEN key to capture just the client area and not the title bar, toolbar buttons, and so on.