3.11.6 The Menu Editor

You can create new menus for your host session, edit existing menus and customize them, or delete menus. You can change menu items, insert new menu items or submenu items, or insert a new menu. The Map To feature lets you map a new menu item to a menu command, keystroke sequence, or macro. You can also add separators to your menus to collect menu items into meaningful groups. Menus are terminal-type specific and cannot be used on more than one host type. For example, a menu created for a VT session cannot be used in a 3270 session or vice versa.

With the Menu Editor, you can:

  • View current menus

  • Create new menus

  • Edit and customize menus

  • Insert menus or menu items

  • Map keystroke sequences, macros, or menu commands to menu items

  • Add separators to menus

  • Reset all menu actions to the original defaults

To appear in a session, a menu must contain at least one item. If you map menu items to menu commands or to the run macro command, and those commands or macros have been secured, those items will not appear when the menu is loaded into the session.