3.8.9 Screen History

The Screen History feature enables users to view and copy information from previous screens, eliminating data entry redundancies. You must first enable the History setting to show the Screen History button in the Productivity pane on the left side of your host session display screen.On the Options menu, select Settings, then on the General tab, select the Enable History check box. As you navigate through the host screens to access the data you need, thumbnail screens are added to the Screen History panel.

You can then easily navigate through the thumbnail screens to access the host data. You can save your history file and reuse it. You can delete any past screens you no longer need, or delete all the screens and add new ones to your history file.

You can always return to the live screen by clicking the Live Screen thumbnail, by clicking the Home button on the Session toolbar, or by choosing Live Screen from the Session menu.

Past screens are read-only. No keystrokes are allowed no matter how they are generated, including from a QuickPad or Toolbar. You can copy from past screens but can paste only to live screens, or to text editors such as notepad or wordpad.

The following keys are allowed on past screens: Arrow keys, Page Up and Page Down.