To match VT colors exactly

  1. In a VT, SCO-ANSI, or AT386 session, from the Options menu, choose Settings.

  2. Under Categories, choose Display.

  3. On the Color page, select Use Exact Colors.

    NOTE:This option is available only if you have a 256-color display (that is, a display with a palette).

    Of the 256 available colors, 16 are used to exactly match the VT colors. You can change any of the 16, defining your own exact colors. You might notice that Windows reallocates the palette entries when running in the background. When you switch between this product and other applications, the background application colors might change or flash, but the foreground application colors remain correct. If you want to define your own VT colors, on the Color page, type a new RGB (Red, Green, Blue) value for the index you want to change.