Attaching QuickPads

To use a QuickPad, you must attach it to a session or an individual host screen.

When you open a QuickPad and then save the session, that QuickPad will load automatically the next time you open that session. The QuickPad will remain visible on any host screen until you remove it. You can attach multiple QuickPads for each session.

You can also attach a QuickPad to an individual host screen in a session. Any time you access that host screen, regardless of how you navigated to the screen, the QuickPad will load automatically. Included are several predefined QuickPads that are ready to attach and use. You can use or edit predefined QuickPads or create your own.

To attach a QuickPad to a session

  1. From the View menu, choose QuickPads.

    The Settings dialog box appears, with the QuickPads category selected, and a list of available QuickPad schemes displayed. You can select more than one QuickPad to be loaded during a session.

  2. Select the check boxes for the QuickPads that you want to load; clear the check boxes for the QuickPads you don't want to use.

To attach a QuickPad to a host screen

  1. From the Tools menu, choose Record Pages.

    Record Pages mode is now on and any page that you move to will be recorded. If the host screen page to which you want to add a QuickPad is already recorded, skip this step and the next step.

  2. Navigate to the host screen where you want the QuickPad to appear.

  3. In the Record Pages control bar, type a name for the host screen, or leave the default name, and then click the Stop button.

  4. From the Tools menu, choose Page Settings.

    The Page Settings dialog box appears, with all recorded pages for this session listed in their groups on the left.

  5. Select the page name in the list, then choose the Settings tab.

  6. From the Available Settings list, open the folder labeled QuickPads.

  7. Select the QuickPad you want to use, then click the Add button.

    The QuickPad is added to the host screen.

  8. Choose OK to save your changes.

    Every time you access the recorded page - regardless of navigation method - the QuickPad you specify will appear.