The Edit Field Dialog Box

This dialog box shows the field number, row, column, length of the selected host screen field, along with its field attributes. From this dialog box, you can assign a new name to the field.

All protected and unprotected fields on the host screen are identified and assigned default names. You can edit the name of any field and display the field location, length and type. The default values for protected fields are LABEL001, LABEL002, and so on. The protected field names are EDIT001. EDIT002, and so on.

NOTE:Use this dialog box to view information about a field and to change the field name. You cannot change the field location, length or type.

To edit a terminal field

  1. In the Edit recording dialog box, select the host screen you want to modify and click Edit.

  2. In the Edit screen dialog box, expand Terminal Fields and double-click the terminal field you want to edit.

    The Edit Field dialog box is displayed.

  3. Type a new name for this field. The name can be up to 32 characters.

  4. Click OK.