3.13.4 Navigation Settings

Use this page to alter the host "settle time" delay or choose to do so manually during the page recording process. The slider bar is automatically set to an appropriate settle time derived from your host and connection type.

From 2 to 20 seconds of buffer time are added between recorded pages to give the host time to "settle" or recognize the new screen. A page recorded with an inadequate settle time may play back as partial, blank, or missing or its keystrokes may be associated with the previous or next screen.

Your host's settle time requirement can be greater when response is slow due to connection type or because of heavy traffic. Based on host and connection type, an appropriate settle time is automatically selected for you. If this default settle time is inadequate or excessive, you can override the default from the Settings dialog box.



Slider Bar

Adjust the slider bar to between 2 and 20 seconds by using the mouse cursor to drag the control. Increase or decrease the settle time in four-second increments by clicking the mouse cursor on the bar either to the right or left of the control. Your settle time selection is indicated to the right of the slider bar.

To alter host settle time

  1. From the Options menu, choose Settings.

  2. Choose the Navigations category.

  3. Use the mouse cursor to move the slider bar right or left to increase or decrease the settle time.