3.13.2 Working with Recorded Host Screen Pages

The Page Settings dialog has five tabbed property pages. Using them you can perform all of the operations possible on the recorded host screen pages that you select. The tabs are named:

Table 3-124


Using this page, you can view an image of the host screen.


Using this page, you can associate a QuickPad, macro, toolbar, or schemes (such as a color scheme or a HotSpot scheme) with specific host screen or group of host screens.


Using this page, you can specify which host screens should be bookmarks.


Using this page, you can create groups of host screens. This makes it easier to associate settings with host screens, since you can associate the settings with an entire group rather than with one screen at a time.


Using this page, you can edit either a recording (navigation path) to a particular host screen page, or edit Page Identification, such as the name of a recorded page.