To view the Audit Log

  1. Select Status in the Tools menu.

  2. If the Audit page is not displayed, choose the Audit tab at the bottom of the window.

  3. To view details of a single event, choose the event to display the Audit Details dialog box.

  4. To see details on other events close by, use the Previous and Next buttons.

  5. Choose Close to close the Audit Details dialog box.

The Audit Details Dialog Box

In addition to the information from the Audit Log page (date, time, category, and description), the AuditDetails dialog box provides:

  • A Type field to indicate if the event succeeded or failed.

  • A Data list box to display the data sent to the Audit log when the event occurred.

  • Two radio buttons to indicate if the data should be formatted by byte or by word.

  • Buttons to navigate through the Audit log without going back to the Audit Log page.