11.0 Updating Filr through Online Update Channel

Filr 23.3 is available as an online update to Filr 5.0, Content Editor 2.0 appliances or later. Note the following:

  • No Separate Hypervisor-specific Downloads: The virtual machine configurations are not impacted.

For information about using the Online Update feature, see Using the Online Update dialog in the OpenText Filr 23.3: Administrative UI Reference.


  • Ensure that the required server certificates are valid and not expired. If the certificates are expired, update them accordingly.

  • We recommend that you schedule Online updates only for updating non-interactive patches on Filr Appliance.

  • If you change the IP address of the proxy server that is configured on the Filr Appliances, then you must update the proxy server configuration on the Filr Appliances before registering and applying the online updates:

    1. On the Filr Appliance, use the Yast Proxy Management tool to reconfigure the proxy server.

    2. Launch a new terminal.

    3. Run the following command to restart the datamodel services:

      rcvabase-datamodel restart

    4. Run the following command to restart the jetty services:

      rcvabase-jetty restart

Review the following sections: