Specifying DaysToLive for fortifyclient Authentication Tokens

As described in About Uploading Authentication Tokens, fortifyclient supports tokens that enable administration to conceal user account information.

You can use the ‑daysToLive parameterClosedAn item of information, such as a name, a selection, or a number, passed to a program by another program or an end-user. to configure fortifyclient tokens to expire after a specified number of days. The following example command illustrates the use of the ‑daysToLive parameter to acquire a token that expires after two days:

fortifyclient ‑url <ssc_url> token ‑gettoken AnalysisUploadToken 
‑user admin ‑daysToLive 2

where <ssc_url> represents the URL of the Fortify Software Security Center instance (see About Specifying the Fortify Software Security Center URL).

You must type the case-sensitive daysToLive parameter exactly as shown in the example above.