2.2 Getting Host Access for the Cloud

2.2.1 Evaluation system requirements

To successfully install and evaluate Host Access for the Cloud your system needs:

  • 8 GB of memory

  • A supported browser and operating system.

See System Requirements for a comprehensive list of supported environments.

Downloading the evaluation software

If you don’t have our software yet, visit our site and fill out an evaluation request form. You’ll be sent an e-mail message with instructions to download and install an evaluation copy of Host Access for the Cloud good for 120 days. Using this evaluation copy you can open and close host sessions and maintain 5 active host connections at a time. The trial site has all the information you need to take the next step.

The Micro Focus download site contains the compressed files necessary to install all supported platforms, including the Windows connector. Different activation files will enable different editions/platforms of Host Access for the Cloud.

2.2.2 Basic install

The following instructions provide you with the basic default installation. This means that all components are installed locally and are using default ports. With this installation in place you can follow the walk through and familiarize yourself with Host Access for the Cloud and MSS.

  1. From the Micro Focus download site, download your product install package. The package includes support for all supported platforms.

  2. Following the install program prompts, install Host Access for the Cloud and Management and Security Server (MSS).

MSS uses activation files (activation.jaw) to enable product functionality. The install program contains the needed activation file and it is activated as part of the install process.

NOTE:During a basic install a self-signed certificate is used to ensure secure connections. When you move into a production environment you can provide your own certificates.

Now you can take the next step; walking through Host Access for the Cloud.