5.7 Creating Macros

A macro is a series of keyboard actions that you record and then run. You can use these JavaScript macro programs to automate user interactions with the terminal. You can access and run macros from all supported devices.

Host Access for the Cloud records and saves advanced macros as JavaScript, making it easy to edit and enhance your recorded macros. You can record macros to playback later, run macros at startup or when the session connects or disconnects from the host. You can also write macros from scratch to perform complex tasks that the recorder cannot capture.

Macros are made available to users in two ways; created by an administrator or recorded by users for their own private use. All advanced macros are associated with a session and they all accomplish the same goal, automating host interaction. The only difference between the two flavors is simply who can access them and who manages their creation and availability:

  • Macros created by administrators

    Administrators create macros when they create the session. They are specific to a session and are available to all users who have access to the session from the Macro icon on the toolbar. Administrators can designate macros to run at startup or when the session connects or disconnects from the host.

  • Macros created by users

    End-user macros are created by individuals for sessions they are authorized to access. The administrator grants permission to create macros by setting a User Preference Rule. Users can access the session under their own credentials or in a Guest role. Macros that Guest users create are available to all Guest users. Users who are logged in using their own credentials can only see macros that they have created.

Advanced macros are listed in alphabetical order in the drop down list available from the toolbar. Macros created by the end-user are listed first and followed by an indicator of three vertical grey dots, which when selected, displays the Edit and Delete options. Macros created by the administrator are listed without the indicator as those macros cannot be modified by the end-user.