5.6 Working with Sessions

All the sessions you have access to are available in the Available Sessions list. Sessions are initially created and configured by your system administrator and accessed through a distributed URL (for example, https://<sessionserver>:7443.

To open a session

  1. Select the session and click to open.

  2. Interact with your host application using the open session.

  3. You can create multiple instances of a configured session.

You can have multiple sessions open at a time and easily switch between them using the tabs arranged across the top of the screen. The current session is always the left-most tab and is indicated by a white background and bold text. Each session remains active for 30 minutes.

Use the toolbar to access the various options available to you as you interact with the session. You can disconnect from a session, close the session, turn on Quick Keys, and access other settings. Some options may be only available once your administrator has granted permission.