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IZfePropertyKeysLogPath Property

The key value for the log path. The specified path must exist.

Namespace:  MicroFocus.ZFE.Connector
Assembly:  MicroFocus.ZFE.Connector (in MicroFocus.ZFE.Connector.dll) Version: 1.3.422.0 (1.3.422.0)
string LogPath { get; }

Property Value

Type: String
If a LogPath value is not set log messages will be sent to the system debugger. The file created at this location is a rotating log file named "connector.log". Log files are archived daily and retained for a period of 1 week.
Visual Basic for Applications:
Dim props As ZfeProperties
Dim propKeys As ZfePropertyKeys
Set props = new ZfeProperties()
Set propKeys = new ZfePropertyKeys()

props.SetProperty propKeys.LogPath, Environ$("TEMP")
IZfeProperties props = new ZfeProperties();

props.SetProperty(ZfePropertyKeys.LogPathKey, Path.GetTempPath());
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