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IZfePropertyKeysPreserveSessionOnDisconnect Property

The key value for controlling the behavior when disconnecting from the session server.

Namespace:  MicroFocus.ZFE.Connector
Assembly:  MicroFocus.ZFE.Connector (in MicroFocus.ZFE.Connector.dll) Version: 1.4.444.0 (1.4.444.0)
string PreserveSessionOnDisconnect { get; }

Property Value

Type: String
By default calling IConnector.Disconnect will log the user out, destroying any sessions that were created by the current user. Setting this property value to "True" will preserve the user's state and any created sessions will be available upon reconnect. Note: Created sessions will still be destroyed based on the session server's timeout value.
Visual Basic for Applications:
Dim props As ZfeProperties
Dim propKeys As ZfePropertyKeys
Set props = new ZfeProperties()
Set propKeys = new ZfePropertyKeys()

props.SetProperty propKeys.PreserveSessionOnDisconnect, "True"
IZfeProperties props = new ZfeProperties();

props.SetProperty(ZfePropertyKeys.PreserveSessionOnDisconnectKey, "True");
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