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Copying Sessions between Management and Security Servers

You can copy and convert Reflection for the Web sessions and make them available to another Management and Security Server (MSS) and Host Access for the Cloud.


In the following procedure the Management and Security Server you are copying sessions from is the source, and the Management and Security Server you are copying to is the destination.

To copy sessions from the source server to the destination server follow these steps:

  1. Stop the destination MSS server.

  2. On both source and destination MSS servers, open SessionDS.xml, located:

    • On Windows: C:\ProgramData\Micro Focus\MSS\MSSData

    • On Linux: /var/opt/microfocus/mss/mssdata

  3. In the source XML file, locate the OBJECT_ARRAY element.

  4. Still in the source XML file, under OBJECT_ARRAY, locate and copy the Reflection for the Web child Session elements.

  5. Open the destination XML file and paste them under the destination file’s OBJECT_ARRAY element.

  6. Still in the destination file, locate the OBJECT_ARRAY size attribute that corresponds to the number of sessions. Increase that value by the number of session elements you added. For example, if you pasted six Session elements in the destination file and the existing OBJECT_ARRAY size attribute value is 4; increase the value by six. The size attribute should now be ten. And you should now have 10 Session elements listed under the OBJECT_ARRAY element.

  7. Session names must be unique. Check the destination file for duplicate session names.You can find session names in the Session child element, SessionName.

  8. Copy the configuration files for every session added to SessionDS.xml from the source to the destination server. The names of the configuration files are located under the Session element in the child element, configuration. The files themselves are located:

    • On Windows: C:\ProgramData\Micro Focus\MSS\MSSData\deploy\dyncfgs

    • On Linux: /var/opt/microfocus/mss/mssdata/deploy/dyncfgs

  9. Restart the destination MSS server. Open the Administrative Console. You should see all your copied Reflection for the Web sessions in the Manage Sessions list.

  10. The next step is to convert the Reflection for the Web session to a Host Access for the Cloud session. In Manage Sessions, right-click the session you want to convert. Session types are identified by an icon in the Type column.

  11. See Convert a Reflection for the Web session for information on converting Reflection for the Web sessions to Host Access for the Cloud sessions in the Administrative Console.