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MicroFocus.ZFE.Connector Namespace

The Host Access for the Cloud Connector for Windows API allows you to connect to a session server and create and control host sessions.

Public classConnectionErrorEventArgs
Provides data for the ConnectionError event.
Public classConnectionStateEventArgs
Provides data for the ConnectionStateChanged event.
Public classConnectorErrorEventArgs
Event argument for Connector errors.
Public classConnectorEventArgs
Event argument for Connector events.
Public classContentChangedEventArgs
Provides data for the ContentChanged event.
Public classCursorChangedEventArgs
Provides data for the CursorChanged event.
Public classMetricsChangedEventArgs
Provides data for the MetricsChanged event.
Public classOiaChangedEventArgs
Provides data for the OIA Changed event.
Public classOiaErrorEventArgs
Provides data for the OIA Error event.
Public classPresentationSpaceErrorEventArgs
Provides data for the PresentationSpaceError event.
Public classPresentationSpaceEventArgs
Provides data for PresentationSpace events.
Public classSessionErrorEventArgs
Provides data for the Session Error event.
Public classSessionEventArgs
Provides data for the Session events.
Public interfaceIAttributeSet
A set of attributes representing the attributes of a field or data cell.
Public interfaceIConnector
An object representing the connection to a Host Access for the Cloud session server.
Public interfaceIConnectorEvents
Events raised from the IConnector object.
Public interfaceIControlKey
Control key mnemonics for sending control key sequences to a host.
Public interfaceIDataCell
Represents a single position within the presentation space.
Public interfaceIDimension
Represents the dimensions of a presentation space in rows and columns.
Public interfaceIField
A representation of a presentation space field.
Public interfaceIFieldList
A list of fields contained within the presentation space.
Public interfaceIOia
A representation of the Operator Information Area.
Public interfaceIOiaEvents
Operator Information Area events.
Public interfaceIOiaStatusSet
A set of status values representing the current OIA status.
Public interfaceIPosition
Represents a position within the presentation space by row and column.
Public interfaceIPresentationSpace
Represents the host screen.
Public interfaceIPresentationSpaceEvents
Presentation space events.
Public interfaceISession
A representation of a host session.
Public interfaceISessionDescriptor
A SessionDescriptor represents a session that can be created.
Public interfaceISessionEvents
Events raised from the ISession object.
Public interfaceISessionManager
An object used for session manipulation.
Public interfaceIWait
The Wait object is used to wait for certain conditions to occur within the associated session.
Public interfaceIZfe
The ZFE Connector library object. Used to initialize the SDK and create Connector objects.
Public interfaceIZfeProperties
An object for passing properties to the ZFE Connector objects.
Public interfaceIZfePropertyKeys
An object that contains the supported ZfeProperty key values.
Public enumerationAttribute
Field and extended attributes for all host types.
Public enumerationColor
Host color values.
Public enumerationConnectionState
Defines the session's connection state.
Public enumerationOiaStatus
Operator Information Area status values.
Public enumerationPresentationSpaceEventOrigin
Indicates the origin of a presentation space event.
Public enumerationSearchDirection
Values for search direction.
Public enumerationSessionType
Defines the session's type.