18.3 Adding a Business Role Approval Policy

The approval policy for the business role governs all business role life cycle events. Identity Governance contains a default approval policy that it assigns to each business role that you create.

The approval policy for the business role specifies all approval requirements for each business role defined, including whether the business role requires approval when you create or modify that business role.

We recommend that your organization’s default policy require approval. A default policy that does not require approval enables Identity Governance to approve roles automatically. When your policy requires approval, you can submit each role for approval or select multiple draft roles and then select Actions > Submit for Approval to submit multiple roles for approval.

Identity Governance applies the default approval policy, which specifies that business roles do not require approval, to all business roles that you create. To change this you would have to change the default approval policy to require approval by owners or specify a list of approvers.

Identity Governance provides two additional policies for your convenience. One policy requires approval by the business owner (recommended) and the other policy does not require approval. A Customer, Global, or Business role Administrator can change or delete these sample policies.

You can create additional approval policies and apply them to existing business roles after you have created business roles. To change the default approval policy, select Default approval policy on the Approval Policies tab.

To create a new approval policy:

  1. Log in to Identity Governance as a Customer, Global, or Business Roles Administrator.

  2. Select Policy > Business Roles.

  3. Click the Approval Policies tab.

  4. Select Add approval policy (+).

  5. Specify a name and description for the approval policy, then determine whether it is required or not.

  6. Save the policy.

You can change the approval policy for a group of business roles at the same time by using the bulk action on the business role list. You can also download business role approval policies as JSON files using the bulk action menu. After editing, you can import the policies on the page that lists all approval policies.